Questions about God

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This section contains answers to questions pertaining to the existence, nature and identity of God.

The articles in this section attempt to address select facets of this question, however, at this time, the focus is on the New Testament portion of the Scriptures.

Does God Exist? To answer this question, the argument from design is explored. This is a general theistic argument which is used to establish the existence of a god, but doesn't get down to identifying who that god is.

Even if there is a God, aren't all religions the same? This article, posted on, shows some of the conflicting beliefs of various religious systems and highlights the unique aspects of Biblical Christianity.

Is Jesus God? Did Jesus make claims that he was God? What did those who followed him say? Was deity foisted on him after years after his death? This article examines the Biblical record to explore this issue. If you are sceptical about the accuracy or truthfulness of the Bible, you may want to look at the questions about the Bible section first.

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