We will all die


For all of history, death has both fascinated and frightened mankind. In fact, death is the single largest problem we face; and face it we will! Death happens to everyone! It may interest you to know that the problem of death is the focus of God's Word to man (the Bible). The Old Testament (the first 'half' of the Bible) talks of God's promise to overcome man's greatest problem (Isaiah 25:8); the New Testament (the second 'half' of the Bible) tells how God did it (1 Corinthians 15:22).

Where did death come from?

The Old Testament ... talks of God's promise to overcome man's greatest problem ... the New Testament ... tells how God did it

Death is a result of disobedience! In the very beginning, the first man (Adam) was given only one command, to not eat of a certain tree in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:17). He ate the fruit. As a result, Adam was sentenced to death (Genesis 3:19). Later, God clearly states, through His prophet Ezekiel, "... the soul who sins shall die." (Ezekiel 18:4 ESV). Death is then a result of disobedience, disobedience to the commands of an almighty and righteous God. The proof of your personal disobedience will be your death!

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